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Please see below for Cash and Driver’s Log Procedures for Elite Wheel Warehouse:
(Templates for Cash Log & Driver’s Log) given to location Manager & Administrator

Walk in Customers & Cash received by Sales Rep.

Any cash received by a Sales Rep. will print out the invoice or sales order associated with the payment and bring to the Administrator for both parties to count. After verifying the amount, both parties will sign the sales order/invoice stating this is the specific amount received by Elite for payment. 


The Administrator will be in charge of keeping a Cash Log for all these payments on a daily basis.

Driver’s Cash Received.

Driver’s will have a “driver’s log,” which they will fill out as each delivery is made. They will have 2 copies of the invoice being delivered, one for us and one for the customer. The Driver will document on the driver’s log the invoice, date, amount paid (Cash or Check), etc. and will get the customer to sign off on that same document and invoice confirming payment and delivery of the items.

When the route is completed, the driver will take the cash/check with driver’s log to location Manager to verify payments made and collected. The location Manager will then give everything to the Administrator to recount and make the deposit.

Administrator please note that once the deposit is made at the bank, we need to scan or take a picture of the driver’s log, cash log, deposit slip (prior) and receipt (after) and send to location Manager, and or for our records.

Please note that this process is not finalized and changes may occur. If you have any ideas on improving the process as we are implementing this please let us know.


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